Uncover the story behind the brand

It's in the DNA

Design raison d'etre

Born out of a desire to bring an edgy angle to contemporary couture, PRITCH has risen up the ranks as a fashion force to be reckoned with. For Founder & Creative Director Arina Pritch, her vision is to empower individuals to tap into their inner selves, wearing designs imbued with an attitude that’s audacious, authentic and unapologetic. All captured in PRITCH’s newest collection, aptly called DNA.

We caught up with Arina to hear about the birth of the brand, DNA’s dual aspect of identity, and why you should be unafraid to be your own statement.

What prompted you to create your own brand?

I’ve had a passion for fashion and design since I was about 5 years old. I always knew I wanted to be in the fashion world, but I didn’t know which part, because I was equally attracted to every facet of fashion. Later in life, my love of collecting leather jackets together with my mother fuelled my fire. During my university years at Istituto Marangoni, I finally decided that I wanted to start my own fashion brand. Make my own statement. My graduation project back in 2011 was the very beginning of PRITCH.


How do you see the transformative effect of clothes?

Clothes are ultimately the first thing we see when we meet someone. How people dress says a lot about their psychology, their state of mind and their mood in that particular moment of time. I’ve always found that fascinating, analysing people by what they wear. Likewise, what you choose to wear can also define your attitude. Which is why I’m driven to design clothes that make you feel confident, powerful, sultry and unstoppable. Wearing head-turning styles that stand out from the crowd.


How people dress says a lot about their psychology, their state of mind and their mood.

How does the DNA collection empower people to express their true selves?

DNA is a tribute to both our identity and yours. We’ve re-imagined some of our most iconic pieces over the years, culminating in a collection of signature designs that embody our brand. From striking and sculptured, to elegant and alluring, to edgy and outspoken - with the overall aim of creating a wow wherever you go. The majority of the pieces are Limited Editions, adding even more cachet to a look you can style as your own. It’s all about daring to express your individuality. Making your own statement.