All our garments are specialist dry clean only, however here are some tips for you:


Use baby wipes or make up remover on a cotton pad to wipe the make-up off.


Use the cold method and place your leather garment in the freezer for 10-15 minutes for the chewing gum to harden. Alternatively, put the ice cube on the area where the gum is and leave for a few minutes. Once the gum is hardened, remove with a card, plastic spatula or even a spoon. Be careful not to scratch the leather. After you have gotten as much of the gum off as you can, mix some warm water with mild soap(do not use ordinary soaps, as alkaline products it might have a different pH level than leather). Stir the soapy water, then, with a clean washcloth wipe the rest of the gum away. Dry the area with a clean washcloth. Once this is done, you can apply a leather conditioner or Mink oil to soften the leather.


Moisten a cotton ball/ pad with a rubbing alcohol. Firstly, perform a ‘spot test’ on a less visible part of that particular leather to make sure it doesn’t remove the colour. Once tested, apply the cotton ball with rubbing alcohol onto the leather ink stain ,gently rub the affected area, using circular motion. Do not scrub or push too hard on the leather. You can apply a leather conditioner or mink oil to soften the leather once the affected area is dried out.

If you need any help or advice on something specific in regards to how to clean your purchase, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us via



At PRITCH London, we offer a post-purchase modifications service, where together with our team we can ‘Refresh’ your item or even update its design.


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