PRITCH & Faidee private event in Cannes

In the golden glow of the Cannes sun, PRITCH and Faidee hosted an unforgettable daytime event amidst the Cannes Film Festival, encapsulating the essence of luxury and refinement.

Cannes holds a special allure for Arina PRITCH, serving as a wellspring of inspiration, resonating with the tactile sensations of happiness—turquoise waters, whispering palm trees, and grains of sand. This sensory experience mirrors PRITCH's ethos, manifested in our clothing collections and leather choices, which seek to immerse wearers in the sensory delights of the highest quality leathers.

Faidee's radiant rubies, sparkling under the sun, added an extra layer of opulence to PRITCH's creations, complementing PRITCH's avant-garde designs with their fiery brilliance. These precious gems, reminiscent of the opulent hues found in the Cannes landscape, accentuated every piece of PRITCH clothing with their sharp, yet subtle cuts.

Models, adorned by the skilled hands of Croisette Beauty, elegantly presented PRITCH's designs alongside Faidee's rubies, seamlessly blending the essence of fashion and jewellery craftsmanship. As guests indulged in the luxurious ambiance, savouring the flavours of Volzhenka caviar, the atmosphere was filled with an air of refined indulgence.