PRITCH Belt spotted on Maya Hawke for As if Magazine

The Stranger Things actress glows amongst the lights of New York artist Grimanesa Amorós.

PRITCH’s distinctive use of natural materials and three-dimensional structures was thrust into the spotlight last week as Maya Hawke, famous for her star role in Netflix’s Stranger Things, teamed up with Peruvian-born, New York-based artist Grimanesa Amorós, for an exclusive photoshoot wearing our Explosion Corset Belt Black.

PRITCH Leather Explosion Corset Belt

The photo shoot, choreographed by Amorós together with editor and photographer Tatijana Shoan from As If magazine, was set up to promote Hawke's new album Moss, which uses the concept of ‘inner light’ as one of its themes. Maya Hawke in PRITCH Corset Belt

Amorós, who focuses on reimagining the “constant romance with the unknown”, carefully composed each image by wrapping Hawke in lights made from LED tubing controlled through a computer system. In one image, Hawke can be seen wearing the iconic laser-cut version of our black leather corset belt, with its natural fibres and deep coloured structure, contrasting with the bright ethereal light and man-made composition of Amorós' work.

In her interview, Hawke says 'Interestingly, I wasn't conscious about the theme [of light] until I finished it. I have lines about swallowing the moon and glowing in the dark - I'm trying to express the importance of the light inside of you. So, when I saw the art that was planned for the shoot, I knew I had to do this because it felt interconnected.’