PRITCH London stands for non-conformist luxury, our distinctive use of natural materials embodies today’s versatile modernity through classic shapes, duality and dimensional textures.

For each collection, PRITCH London draws inspiration from the vibrant world in which the brand inhabits itself whilst continuing to use its signature material: leather. Each collection is created without compromise and with an unerring commitment to our vision of empowering your rebellious side.

By creating innovative hand-crafted leather technology and harnessing opulent textures and esoteric materials, whilst finding inspiration in art and ancient history, each PRITCH London collection is a testament to our founders’ belief that ‘no art form is superior to another.’

“Clothes have a transformative power, and are an unspoken statement.”

Arina Pritch

Arina founded the brand in 2012, inspired by her dedication to fashion and design that had been nurtured from a young age by an open, multi-cultural background. She lived in different countries across the world and settled down in London in 2007.

A keen observer of human nature Arina realised that duality exists in all things, and her studies at the prestigious Istituto Marangoni and the European Business School in London reinforced her conviction that the market lacked a voice that harnessed that realisation, so set herself to fill that void. What better material to express the dichotomy between personality and psychology than leather: skin on skin.

Demanding and unforgiving, this unique natural material yields rewarding results and a renewed challenge: creating beautiful leather garments that are not just products but integral parts of a process and a luxury design story.

“Building transformability into their design makes them fit with a changing expression of our inner selves.”

Arina Pritch


The tension between who you are and what you want to project, coupled with razor edge technique and utmost attention to detail compose PRITCH London’s signature designs: unconventional and completely modern.

Merging the parallel boundaries of art and fashion, we have established an affluent client base of fashion and art collectors who truly appreciate fashion and the art of craftsmanship.

A leader in producing garments into objects of desire from the finest in leather and rarefied materials, PRITCH London has established itself as an innovator in the fashion industry. We explore production techniques not commonly used and stand as the only design house with a predominate focus on creating garments from fine leather.

Embodying today’s duality between elegance and edge, PRITCH London calls upon its master craftsmen to bring together the strength and durability of leather with designs able to withstand the test of time and trends. Like its symbol the Raven, the only bird who thrives with equal ease alone or among other species, PRITCH London stands for an expression of your honest self.


PRITCH London is proud to use natural materials to create its products. For our collections and accessories we predominantly use nappa leather alongside foiled nappa, feathers, python and crocodile. Unlike fast fashion, this use of materials reflects our commitment to sustainability. 

Our materials are sourced from suppliers who have been specialists for over a century. Based in Europe, mainly Italy, which is known for being home to the best tanneries in the world, our suppliers must adhere to the regions strict anti-pollution regulations meaning that they do not use harmful solvents or produce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the finishing process.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the material, we have an extensive Leather Library which offers a wide range of exclusive, high-end materials that can be used in Bespoke and Made-to-Measure creations.

Featuring classic leathers such as nappa, python and crocodile alongside exotics, fur and specially treated leathers such a neon alligator or foiled nappa, our selections come from the most innovative and creative suppliers in the world and are seldom seen elsewhere. We are constantly updating and adding to our leather library as we find and search for the latest trends and newest finishes in the world of leather.

It goes without saying that any exotic skins we use for our collections or bespoke creations will come with all necessary CITES certificates for our customers to keep with the garment. 


Hailing from different nationalities and backgrounds, the PRITCH London team members bring a different take on what the brand stands for, subtly reflected in the design of its collections. This strong cast of characters with intensely diverse life experiences makes for a rich dialogue orchestrated by PRITCH’s Founder and creative Director Arina Pritch.

Softening the rebellious London DNA of PRITCH London with Italian finesse is Federica Braghieri, Head of Design. Born in Pavia, her "The Geometry of the Body" graduate collection for the Politecnico di Milano was showcased at the Craftsmen/ Designers/ Makers KFCC Gallery, Korea Foundation in Seoul in 2014. Long interested in leather for its characteristics and craft, she joined PRITCH London and has grown into her position as Head of Design.

“PRITCH is a tribute to the vibrant cultural crossroad that the brand calls home: London."